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Process Quality Engineering S.L.

PROQUA. Process Quality Engineering S.L.

Model based process definition consulting


Using an own evaluation method based on SCAMPISM Class B and C methods, the gaps that exist against the reference model and the current status of the processes against the objective level are detected.

These evaluations are a "health check" to detect those weaknesses either on the process and/or on its use in the projects that may affect in a direct way to the business objectives.

"To improve I must know first my start point".

"The improvement must focus on those points that suppose major benefit, and improve the business objectives".

Design Improvement Plans

Taking into account the gaps detected in the evaluation and the final process improvement objective of each company, our consultants will develop the “Road Map” that best suit every organization in each moment and facilitates the journey from “where am I” to “where I want to go”, including risks and the most adequate team in each case.

Process Improvement Consulting

Our expert consultants perform tasks related to the following knowledge areas:

  • Support to the improvement project management.
  • Technical approach of the adjustment of the processes.
  • Support to the implementation and Change Management.
  • Support to the processes definition.
  • Check of the adherence to the model practices.
  • Validation of the progress of the project.


PROQUA has staff certified by the SEI to conduct SCAMPI Class A assessments that determine the degree of maturity or capacity achieved by the processes of our customers.


IT Consulting Services

IT Processes Assesment

Assessment of IT management processes, identifying their strengths, weaknesses and maturity according to international standards and best practices of reference as ITIL (ISO /IEC 20000), CMMI-SVC and COBIT.

Design & implementation IT processes

Design processes and procedures for IT services, taking into account factors such as organizational structure, availability of tools, establishment of roles and responsibilities and training.




The greatest challenge in every process improvement project based on a reference model is to move from the theoretical part (What do I have to do?) to the practical (How can I do it?). From PROQUA we have design training sessions, that we call workshops, in which we try to solve this problems in an effective and efficiency way according to each particular case.


PROQUA provides a wide variety of IT Training related to Technical and Process domains. With partnerships with some of the World Leading Training provides like SEI. Our training suite includes:

  • SEI Authorized Introduction to CMMI
  • High Maturity Practices


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